April, 2012

Tech Liaison Meeting - April, 20, 2012


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8:45 - 9:00

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Michelle Best, VP, Growth Strategy


60 East Third Avenue, Suite 390

San Mateo, Ca 94401


Email: michelle@edmodo.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/edmodo




Custom Computers Specialists, Inc.

Robert Abraham, Professional Developer

Custom Computer Specialists, Inc.


Email: rabraham@customoline.com


Edmodo is the environment that brings social media into the classroom.

It becomes a LMS "Learning Management System" like Blackboard.

  1. Go to edmodo.com and create an Edmodo Teacher Account

  2. Join the Queens Tech Liaison community by going to "Join" and then enter the code you were given.


Best Practice

  • Claim a sub-domain and bring your community together, in the context of your school.
  • Any teacher can then be connected to the sub-domain of the school.
  • You can then work collaboratively within your building as well with the outside world.

Understanding Groups

  • You can be a member of a larger group of educators
  • You can be an owner and member of a group of your classes
  • You can be an owner and member of groups of content subjects

Creating Groups

  • Be sure to read the help section of managing groups.
  • Create a group by clicking on the create group section and click on "Advanced Options" and then the "Moderate all posts and replies".
  • This will allow you to manage all posts before they're launched.

Edmodo Store - Coming in the Fall

  • Edmodo funded "Teacher Wallets" so teachers can have credits to purchase apps.
  • You will be able to purchase apps for teachers, students and parents within your sub-domain group.
  • Schools and districts will be able to fund the purchase of apps.
  • You purchase the credits and tell it where the app is to go.
  • Schools will be able to use a purchase order to purchase apps and distribute them to teachers.
  • Right now, you can purchase an app for a group of up to 30 members for a year. Expansion coming.

More Edmodo Professional Development coming this summer! Check oitqueens.com for more details.

Help Center Landing Page

  • Follow the sequence of setting up accounts by going to this link: http://help.edmodo.com/school-district/
  • Always log-in through the sub-domain of your school.
  • Once you're in the sub-domain, you can create groups with teachers and students.
  • Admin features will be visible
    • You can find your school code - click on settings - under the school name.

Manage classes, tests and quizzes.

Schoology has the Facebook look and is a Learning Management System.

You create a course -- this is your class -- and you give it a number, section, subject area, grade level.