elcome to the April, 2011 Tech Liaison Meeting

Broadway and Vernon Boulevard - 1800's


4/5/11 - Protraxx #051-11-035-110
4/6/11 - Protraxx #051-11-035-111


Introduction with Mike Swirsky

  • Exploring oitqueens.com
  • Be sure to register for professional development workshops over the April break. All course descriptions and links are on the oitqueens website.
  • Tech Fair - Saturday, June 11, 2011 - William Cullen Bryant High School - Come and see what our Title IID students have been doing this year.
  • Be sure to register in google if you do not have a gmail account.

Mimio with Marta Kempf, Strategic Accounts Manager (Contact: marta.kempf@mimio.com)

  • Mimio devices make any surface into an interactive whiteboard.
  • The device attaches by magnets and calibrates up to 4 feet by 8 feet surfaces.
  • You use a pen device to interact.
  • Cost in FAMIS:
  • Mimio Teach: 311540643, $720.50
  • Mimio View: 311602029, $584.10
  • Mimio Vote 24 pack: 311540651, $1,532.30
  • MimioVote 32 pack: 31161311X, $1,712.70
  • MimioCapture: 311540678, $291.50
  • MimioPad: 310395119, $269.50

  • Mimio software can be loaded on any computer. It works on PCs and
  • There is a shortcut menu once launched that allows you to interact with various sections.
  • The device can be run on batteries, connected to an outlet or via your laptop.
  • The Mimio classroom contains: the Mimio Vote (student response device), Mimio Teach (main device), MimioView (a document camera), Mimio Pad (portable surface), and Mimio Capture.

Here is the link to the product descriptions on our website:
Also, here is the link for the Mimio Training resources I mentioned today:

Screen_shot_2011-04-05_at_8.56.08_AM.png Screen_shot_2011-04-05_at_8.56.14_AM.png Screen_shot_2011-04-05_at_8.56.20_AM.png Screen_shot_2011-04-05_at_8.56.25_AM.png Screen_shot_2011-04-05_at_9.03.37_AM.png

Samsung - Galaxy

Screen_shot_2011-04-05_at_9.28.11_AM.png Cost on FAMIS: $399.00

Contact: Dennis Schultz, Key Account Manager, (908) 547-7944 - dschultz@sea.samsung.com

CDW - Dave

Put technology in the hands of your students and the classroom comes to life. Today's students must be taught 21st century skills like creativity, problem solving, communication and analytical thinking to compete in the increasingly digital marketplace. Whether you have mobile cart solutions, a 1:1 environment or shared resources, having students use technology as a learning tool will increase their 21st century skills.

CDWG can help you find the technology your school needs, like Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks. ThinkPad notebooks offer rock-solid reliability, blazing-fast performance and clever manageability tools. Lenovo packs a lot of intelligent features into every ThinkPad so you and your students get more out. Take your classroom to the next level with Lenovo notebooks from

Adobe Acrobat with Kevin McGrath & Steve Adler


Contact: EDU@adobe.com - Kevin McGrath - (508) 481-2419 or kevinmcg@adobe.com

or Steve Adler at stevea@adobe.com

Free Resources

Getting Going with All Projects
  • Did you know that you can unlock a pdf document and convert it back to Word? This is possible with Adobe Pro 10 software!
  • Be sure to explore all the new innovations in Adobe Pro 10 by using the action wizard on the right side.

Google Tools with Fran O'Neill

Here is a guide of Googly Stuff

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Google Form

Google Tools Resources

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