Tech Liaison Meeting - February 3, 2012 - Creating Animations and Twitter in Education

Innovations in Educational Technology


8:30 - 9:00


9:00 - 11:30

"Creating and Sharing Animations using Pixie, Wixie, Frames and Share"

11:30 - 12:30


12:30 - 1:30

Dimension U - Interactive Math Game

1:30 - 3:00

"Using Twitter to Build Your Personal Learning Network"

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Pixie, Wixie, Frames and Share

What do 21st Century students need?
  • to be engaged
  • to be creative and demonstrate innovation
  • to be producers of knowledge
  • to be collaborative

What's New?
  • Pixie 3: collaboration tools, multi-page projects, updated interface, touch screen, publish to K12Share.
  • K12Share: Publish student work online in a secure environment to share with a wide audience.
  • Upgrade Licenses
  • Frames 5
  • New Professional Development workshops

Pixie is a PreK-6th grade productivity tool deigned specifically for learning in the 21st century. Students can showcase their content knowledge by combining paint, text, voice and more to create authentic curriculum projects, including podcasts, trading cards and online storybooks.

Wixie allows you to distribute your learning environment anytime anywhere. Students can log into Wixie from school, home, or at the library. With an Internet connection, students can use Wixie to complete assigned work or create new masterpieces the moment inspiration strikes!

Pixie + Wixie:
  • Original drawing
  • Core Content Activities
  • Listening & Speaking Skills

Pixie, Wixie, Frames and Share can be downloaded at the below links at any time before the meeting as this is a 30 day evaluation version. Ms. Bracco will provide a registration code for anyone who would like to continue using the product after the February Meeting.

For anyone who already has the product on their laptop they will want to make sure they are running the most current version. Updates are available at the below link.

A library of curriculum videos are available at the below link by selecting a product and a great place for educators to get an overview of the products.


Pixie 3 and Wixie have been aligned to the Common Core Standards and in an independent peer review study, Pixie use has been found to increase student achievement.

K-5 Common Core Guides for Pixie

We have created a series of guides to help you align creativity, your curriculum, and the Common Core Standards. The guides cover grades K-5 and show you how to integrate Pixie activities and open-ended lessons into your curriculum to meet the goals of the Common Core Standards.

Each Common Core Guide for Pixie includes:

activities and classroom procedures that meet the new standards for grades K-5,

• success stories from educators using Pixie to meet Common Core goals,

• creative, high-level lesson plans that will engage your students.

**Download the guides**

Pixie proven to increase student achievement – and now aligned to Common Core Standards!

Use Pixie and Wixie to help your students meet **Common Core Curriculum Standards** for Language Arts and Mathematics. Activities included with both Pixie and Wixie have been aligned to the Common Core Standards. Student meet standards while creating projects that include reading, writing, vocabulary acquisition, mathematical operations, data analysis and more. With Wixie, you can even track a student’s progress for meeting individual standards! Be sure to check out the independent, peer-reviewed **research** study showing that Pixie use increases student achievement.

Screen_Shot_2012-01-24_at_2.43.37_AM.png Click Image to access site

Wixie and Common Core!

Wixie now makes it easy to track student progress toward achievement of Common Core Standards. Assign activities that have been correlated to the new standards, assign standards to existing student work, and view student work toward the new learning goals.

**Find out how Wixie helps educators meet Common Core goals**

Celebrating Literacy!

To highlight literacy during Florida’s Celebrate Literacy Week 2012, Hillsborough County Public Schools in Tampa, Florida is holding a Create a Cover Contest to provide students the opportunity to creatively express their understanding of a required reading. Read their story on the Creative Educator web site.

Read the article

Download “Design a Book Cover” lesson

Screen_Shot_2012-01-24_at_2.47.40_AM.png click image to access site

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Professional Development that impacts the classroom!
Help teachers bring technology into their classroom through engaging students in content learning by combining student-directed projects with rigorous academics. Tech4Learning workshops range from a one day integration workshop to multi-day trainings. We have many workshops available, including Digital Storytelling in the Elementary Classroom. Workshops can be purchased with or without software.
View our **Professional Development** catalog.

Maximize your investment in Tech4Learning software with low-cost upgrades
Are you using the newest features in Tech4Learning products?Real-time collaboration – multi-page projects, interactive PDFs – these are just a few of the newest features in our products. Your school may be eligible for software upgrades for Pixie, Frames, MediaBlender, and WebBlender at discounted pricing. If you would like to check your schools’ eligibility for upgrades, please give us a call.

Microworlds products added to Tech4Learning FAMIS catalog
Tech4Learning is proud to announce the addition of LCSI products to our software offerings. Now the Microworlds turtle logo programming software, you know and love, are once again available through FAMIS. Microworlds Jr – perfect for the early grades, Mircoworlds EX for upper elementary and middle school and Microworlds EX Robotics with full programming capabilities for the Cricket robot, the LEGO Mindstorm® NXT and the LEGO RCX® Brick. Free 15-day trial version are available.

FAMIS Software Catalog
**Click here for our __FAMIS__** catalog (including NYSTL approved products).
Pixie, Frames, and Share software can be purchased via FAMIS. **Video introductions** for all our tools are available.
NEXT STEP: Call us, download a 30-day free trial, request a school visit, or a **quote**. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Dimension U - Interactive 3D Math Games

Formerly Tabula Digita

2012 The U Games - National Scholarship Tournament - February, 2012
6 week contest
Accumulating math minutes played
Everyone plays on their own level that is not visible to the other players.

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