Tech Liaison Meeting - November 18, 2011

Innovations in Educational Technology


8:30 – 9:00 - Welcome - Winnie Bracco, Technology Innovation Manager, OETQ

Ongoing Title IID Programs

  • Digital Destinations in History - - Districts 24 & 28 - Title IID Master Teachers - IS 5, PS 14, IS 61, IS 73, PS 153, Grover Cleveland High School
  • Enhancing Writing Instruction through Technology - - Districts 27 & 29, PS/IS 142, MS 202, MS210, PS223, MS 226, MS238, August Martin High School
  • Voices in History - - Districts 25 & 30 - Title IID Master Teachers - PS92, PS 204, PS111, PS 112, William Cullen Bryant High School

Title IID Ongoing Learning Program- APEX Program - Credit Recovery

  • Flushing High School
  • Forest Hills High School
  • Queens Vocational High School
  • Richmond Hill High School
  • Grover Cleveland High School
  • William Cullen Bryant High School
  • Business, Computers and Entrepreneurship High School
  • Newtown High School
  • Queens Academy High School
  • August Martin High School
  • John Adams High School

Mid-Winter Recess

  • 2 Day Advanced Project-Based Learning
  • iPad Institute for Teachers
  • iPad Institute for Administrators

Spring Recess

  • 3 Day Institute - Introduction to Project-Based Learning
  • iPad Institute for Teachers
  • iPad Institute for Administrators


Accepting up to 200 middle and high schools for 2012 - 2013 school years
  • iZone 360 - redesigning schools
  • iLearnNYC - online and blended learning

Open House: December 6th from 1pm - 4pm

Technology Conferences

  • iNACOL - November, 2011
  • NYSCATE - November 2011 and March 2012
  • Edcon - January 2012
  • Teaching and Learning - March 2012
  • CoSn - March 2012
  • ISTE - June 2012

Upcoming Tech Liaison Meetings - Register Early - Space is Extremely Limited!

  • 12/16/11
  • 2/3/12
  • 3/9/12
  • 5/22/12

9:00 – 9:45 - Francisco Baez, Director of Field Services, DIIT - - (718) 281-3268

  • Johel Placencia's replacement
  • Budget cuts reduced the number of technicians in schools, which created site problems.
  • Incident = tickets
  • Staff of 13, 12 technicians - If your school is an iZone school, tickets will be assigned to specific Queens-based technicians, to minimize the down time.
  • Suggestion: Email Mr. Baez directly if you have an unresolved issue.

  • Reimaging Computer Labs: Becoming a challenge. Official policy now is that DIIT doesn't reimage computer labs. To accommodate level of demand, he will reimage one lab per school.
  • Training Someone On-site: If you have someone in the school who is computer literate and willing to work on the computers, he will send his technicians to the school to train this person. Email him on this issue. This could save money for the school, especially if you have several labs.
  • Hiring a CUNY intern: This is an option. Some of the inters are excellent. They are "level 1" troubleshooters. Cost for schools: $7500 for 15 hours per week for the entire school year.
  • Technicians do configurations. They do not repair equipment.
  • If you have problems with the technicians, send him an email and he will follow-up.
  • Techshare site - contains all the images.
  • Out-of-Warranty Equipment: If it is more than 6 years or more, don't bother repairing the equipment. This could cost more than replacing the equipment. $150 just to come + parts and labor.

  • Configuring new iPads: Email him and he will send you instructions. If you are still unable to configure one, he will dispatch his technician to show you how to do it. Thereafter, you should be able to do it yourself. Just connects to the Internet. Doesn't download apps or iTunes. You can still access your DOE Outlook account through the Internet.

  • Email him if you are unable to resolve wireless issues.

  • Personnel are now required to go online to enter attendance, etc. Wireless access has slowed down as a result, due to a bandwidth problem.
  • Internet access is funded through eRate, starting with high schools, then middle schools and then elementary schools. So funding can be an issue.
  • Practical problems that can impact bandwidth:
    • Be sure to have all computers completely log off.
    • Some people are streaming videos in school during work hours. This can be traced. This can effect Internet access by consuming the bandwidth.
  • Reso A funds must specifically be allocated to upgrade technology. Check.
  • New equipment contract was given to Lenovo and Apple. Dells are not in the contract again. No orders can be approved for Dell if Lenovo has an equivalent piece of equipment.
  • Choices: Basic & Standard - note: different prices - Choice depends on the school.
    • Basic: If the school has someone who can do level one connectivity, then go with Basic. Note: Doesn't come with integration.
    • Standard: Will come right away if you have 20 items.
  • Call the help desk.
  • Anytime the PCS vendor comes and you are not satisfied, email him and he will follow-up.

9:45 – 10:30 - Kristina Nieves, Project Manager/Office of Capital Budget - Reso A
  • Largest RESO A budget - approval has come through. This year is an election year, so the council people have been very generous.
  • iPads are NOT eligible this year.
  • Required to be assigned an integrator. City requires documentation on the equipment each school receives and how they are used.


2012 Implementation Procedures for TECHNOLOGY projects only:

Online option for TECHNOLOGY projects only:

Elected Officials RESOLUTION A allocations:

10:30 – 10:45 - Break

10:45 - 11:30 - "Wild, Wacky Web 2.0 Tools to Enhance Classroom Instruction" - Ellen Phillips & Mike Swirsky -




CK - 12 Flexbooks
A flash-animated player that is embeddable that allows you to upload a pdf document and can turn the pages of a document. Very cool!
video conferencing. This one is specific for education and allows you to search for teachers/classes based on grade, subject and teacher location for collaborative projects using Skype.
Museum Box
Online tool (best for middle/high school) building evidence/argument/description of person, event or historical period. Create a virtual display box with images, video, primary source documents, etc. Can create class accounts. Can link to it. Not embeddable. Teacher creates a class account.
Allows you to upload a file to a url. Each box has a private url that can be shared with friends. Don't need a username and password. Eliminates thumb drives. Easier than dropbox because you don't have to sign in. It generates a url that allows you to add the extension on the end that reflects the content. Limitations: This is public. Anyone can get to it if it they have the url. Don't know how long this will stay up.
Cloud-based video editing from your browser. Simple "iMovie" type interface.
Collaborate web platform for creating and sharing multimedia scrapbooks to demonstrate understanding of content.
Add live 20 person video chat room to your website or blog in seconds. Need latest version of Adobe Flash
Webquest site builder and database of teacher/student-created webquests across the curriculum. Excellent database.
Allows you to upload presentation files, jpgs, and other files and put a voice to the documents. You can narrate through a powerpoint and then embed a player on your website, blog or wikispace.
Free online photo editor. Creates transparencies, work with layers in simple interface. Completed images can be saved and downloaded to your hard drive.
Online hosting site for images. Free basic membership. Generates a URL for your images.

11:30 – 12:30 - Lunch on your own

12:30 - 1:30 - "iPad Apps for Education/Instruction" - Frances Newsom-Lang





15 min
Pre-Survey using, Navigating the iPad, Do's and Don'ts
15 min
Apps for Literacy and Social Studies (Story Kit and Sonic Pics Lite)
15 min
Examining Completed Lessons using an App
15 min
Exploring Apps and Contributing to App Central

iPad App Resources



iPads in Schools - LiveBinder
iPads for Administrators - NYSCATE
"Learning in Hand & PBL" Video
Do's and Don'ts with Managing Your Device
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iPad Apps to Support Blooms Taxonomy by Kathy Schrock
Apps for Students with Special Needs
68 Interesting Ways to Use an iPad in the Classroom - video

AppCentral Wikispace - Add your favorite apps here!

iPad Summer Institute Wikispace- Evidence of Teacher-Created Content using an App

1:30 – 2:30 - "Livescribe for Instruction" - Kelly Gallagher


FAMIS Information

2:30 – 3:00 - Survey