Welcome to the October, 2010 Tech Liaison Meeting

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District Liaisons

For assistance or support please contact the Instructional Technology Specialists assigned to your district.
District 24 - Frances O'Neill - foneill@schools.nyc.gov
District 25 - Michael Swirsky - mswirsky@schools.nyc.gov
District 26 - Kin Fung Leung - KLeung@schools.nyc.gov
District 27 - Kelly Gallagher - kgallagher4@schools.nyc.gov
District 28 - Frances Newsom-Lang - fnewsom-lang@schools.nyc.gov
District 29 - Robert Sweeney - rsweene@schools.nyc.gov
District 30 - Ellen Phillips - ephilli3@schools.nyc.gov


10/14/10 - Protraxx #051-11-035-115
10/15/10 - Protraxx #051-11-035-105

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  • How do we find out about meetings?
    • Email: distribution list- if you didn't receive it, get us your email and we'll make sure you are added.

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  • RESO A:

School Tube
Vender number--SCH426668 01
Contract #- Competitive Grant- CO
Premium Channel: $395/yr
Super Channel-$995/yr
  • Material will all be available on the Schooltube's wiki
  • Founder: Andrew Arizpe (present)
  • Largest moderated K-12 video sharing website
  • Endorsed by many National Education Associations
  • Everything is moderated- nothing will appear before teacher approving it
  • Videos are attributed to a teacher at a particular school (after being verified- NYC: schools.nyc.gov code)
  • Flagging mechanism available if needed
  • Everyone registers in schooltube- including students
  • SchoolTube
    • Home Page
    • Categories and Contests
    • Educator Page
      • many "how tos"
      • provides information on how to use SchoolTube
      • best practices for video and stories
    • School Archive Page
      • videos from a particular school
    • Help Page
      • help tickets
      • Search by word
      • User Guides
    • School Channel
    • Teacher Channel
      • more video technology need to be embedded into the curriculum
      • All teachers can create a channel for free.
      • Teacher uploads
      • Favorite videos
    • Teacher Page

  • How to Get Started
    • Register
    • Upload a video
    • Moderator Approval
    • Video is live on the web
    • Use your video- embed it or link to it.
  • Benefits
    • Student Portfolio
    • National Exposure- "The Wire"
    • Grade from couch :)
    • Media Literate Students
    • Distinguish student videos from district videos

Wild and Wacky Web 2.0
A Baker's Dozen- 13 of the best Web 2.0 tools available will be presented at Long Island Tech Summit

  • TidyFavorites personal bookmarking site (Firefox Plug-In)
    • An idea: create a generic account with resources built from numerous people
    • Benefits
      • provides categories for websites which is a huge plus
      • Very Visual
  • Embedit.in great source for embedding documents (static files- pictures, ppt, etc.) into a website, wiki, etc.
  • Kwout select part of a website so that the links are still live (Firefox Plug-In)
    • (if adding annotation- links are dead.)
    • can be utilized in many ways (website, wiki,
    • Kwout Quote- gives you live links- preferred method- since it's different than other capabilities
  • Edutecher Great site for many different resources to include in your classroom
  • GotoWeb20

Things we can use these tools for:
SchoolTube Uses
  • Using Pivot to create animations- now have a place to live
  • Capturing tutorials how tos
  • highlight school events
  • SEM display in gym of projects at end of year - now we could have global audience
Embedit.in Uses
  • Using embedit.in for important documents on CMS
  • way to display student work

Tech 4 Learning
Motto: Students as producers not consumers.

  • Bloom's Taxonomy revamped- CREATIVITY on top
  • PK-6th showcase their knowledge by combination of pain, text, voice, and more to create authentic curriculum projects, including podcasts, trading cards, and online storybooks

  • Web-based Pixie- log in at school, home, library- restrictive in the saving mode.
  • Students only see activities that have been assigned to them.
    • teachers can assign time frame.
    • Tech4Learning will provide for trials if needed.
  • Original Drawings
  • Core Content Activities
  • Listening and Speaking tools
  • Sharing Opportunities (print and otherwise)
  • Students as authors!
  • Stop-Motion-Animation software
  • similar interface to Pixie
  • Students can combine text, graphics, original illustrations and animations, movies, and sound to create great projects.
  • Presentations are html documents, interactive PDF, etc. and can be animated.
  • Materials are printable.
CONNECT- *free
  • A place to share how you are using products with colleagues.

Johel Placencia, DIIT, Queens Borough Technology Manager

Tech Sharepoint Website
  • Network, Software, Infrastructure
  • Things that are happening
    • new hardware list is online- PCS
    • Dell did not bid for the hardware
      • Apple
      • HP
      • Lenovo
      • Printers
        • Datamation
        • CDW
      • Servers
        • Custom Computers- will analyze needs and provide a quote. Request will then be routed to Johel Placencia and then
        • iPads- AV device- not being sold as computer so you are on your own for out of the box treatment.
        • Apps- on your own? No written guidelines.
          New and Exciting!!
      • All In One Category- Windows based boxes- Windows version of iMac (Lenovo- 18.5 and 23 inch)
Other Important Information:
  • Office 2010- not available yet.
  • iE8 will officially be supported now that all administrative programs are compatible except one. ORS
  • Windows 7 (new computers only at this time) image will be available if schools are comfortable doing upgrade by the end of the year/beginning of next year.
  • Personal Blackberries
    • Blackberries will not work and it is not secure- when we upgraded servers, removed the feature and it's no longer available
    • Blackberry Internet Service- iPhone and Droid- still able to connect on your own.
    • Must Purchase a license CAL (70 bucks) and then an additional enterprise service BIS- BES) (16 dollars)
  • ** IBM Personal Creations- licensing- using web based interface Web Connect – for ATS
      • If hardware issue occurs- server (HIS server) - they will connect to Web Connect
      • Piloting the instructions with 40 schools- and January- going live borough by borough
  • Teacher Email- last hurdle- iE8. Needs to be rolled out after iE8- OWA 2010 (100 megs)
  • Website (Internet) Do It Yourself- announcements, documents, wiki, downloads (images included)