Technology Liaison Meeting

September 22 & 23, 2008


Department of Instructional & Information Technology - Johel Placencia, Queens Borough Technology Manager (BTM)

Helpful Links
To Create, Monitor & Get Feedback on Tickets and Request Inventory:


Hardware Catalogue and Asset Disposal:

To reset OWA passwords:

Commonly used forms:

If you need a copy of software that the DOE has purchased, send Johel an email.

Free Recycling Programs
  • Offered by independent vendors when they have time.
  • It depends on Dell, et al. The vendor organizes the program; the DIIT manages it.
  • He will send an email whenso notified.

Email Storage Space
  • 90,000 teachers get 30 mgs each for email. When your email begins to fill, you will get a first warning at 10 mg, won't be able to send at 15 mg, and prohibited from sending and receiving at 25 mgs.
  • If funding becomes available that would increase email storage size, he will notify you.

Email for Personnel who Leave the DOE
Human Resources and DIIT are working more closely now and will remove teachers, et al who retire or leave the system more quickly.

ATS Scanners
  • All ATS scanners are being replaced with a multifunction HP scanner/printer. It is intended to replaced the ATS scanner only.
  • Currently, you have to purchase a pre-printed attendance sheet.
  • The new scanner/printer will print the bubble sheet from scratch and then be used the same scanner to scan them back.
  • All schools are expected to get them shortly.
  • The report card form is the one that is currently being worked on and is expected to be replaced soon - before the end of the marking period.
  • P-Weekly announcement of Lexmark DFS Project (ATS Scanner Replacement):

This is what it looks like:

Size (In. – H x W x D): 35 x 22 x 26 in.

Technology Internship Partnership between CUNY & NYCDoE
  • You can now hire a service that will provide an intern for a specific period of time (6 months or 1 year) for level 1 trouble-shooting.
  • DIIT is providing the basic training and the intern you hire will have gone through the DIIT bootcamp.
  • Pricing: To follow. Now listed on FAMIS
  • You interview the person and can change if you're not happy.
  • CUNY Internship Program Information:

Additional Resources

Internet Acceptable Use Policy:

Helpdesk FAQs:

Web Content Policy and Guidelines:

How to purchase non-contracted computer hardware through the Exception Process:

Think_Quest_NYC.pngThink Quest New York City
  • ThinkQuest New York City is a free program. It is a non-profit organization. Oracle took over the international competition.
  • ThinkQuest New York City was formed to specifically help students in the urban areas.
  • TQNYC realized that it needed to reach out to teachers, providing free training and support.
  • In 2006, NBC Universal Digital Media project was started. See website for details.
  • Next Boot Camp is anticipated on October 18, 2008.
  • Possible boot camps to be held at Rockaway Blvd. office on Saturdays.
  • Teacher page on the website has tutorials on Dreamweaver, NVU, FrontPage to assist your students in completing the project.

Web Literacy
  • - Guest Access: tqnyc
Qualifying Information
  • Velcro Crop