Welcome to the September, 2009 Tech Liaison Meeting

Reso A Resources

Remember: Get as many signatures as possible on the Reso A request letter. This will help you get what you need.

Title IID Grants

Ongoing Grants - to 6/2010

Districts 24 & 28 - T4 - Transforming Teaching Through Technology
Districts 27 & 25 - ABILITIES
Districts 30 & 29 - TELL - Technology Enhancing Literacy Learners

New Grants - 2009 - 2012

Districts 24 & 28 - Digital Destinations in History (DDIH)
Districts 27 & 28 - Enhancing Writing Instruction Through Writing (EWITT)
Districts 25 & 30 - Voice in History (VIH)

Touro College - Higher Education Opportunities - Jay Lefkowitz (jlefkowitz@schools.nyc.gov)


Initial Certification: Required to start teaching
Professional Certification: Required within five years

Educational Technology Specialist: New York State Education Department

Graduate courses: 10 graduate level courses in Instructional Technology (must say instructional technology)
Test: Content Specialist Test (CST 071)

NYCDoE does NOT currently require certification to teach computer technology now.
Upper NY State and Long Island DOES require certification.

Touro College - www.touro.edu

Instructional Technology Program
  • flexible
  • starts 10/19/09 - 10 Monday nights. Other programs take place on weekends, holidays and will be online
  • finish in one year
  • 11th course is not technology but is required for your Master's degree.
  • Tuition is $1200/course ($400/credit)
  • Scholarship opportunity ($350/credit) limited. See representative
  • Meet with representative to get more information or register
  • Touro College has 17,500 students in 19 city-wide locations. The main college is in Manhattan. Classes could be arrange in Queens if there is enough interest.

Which certification should you work under?
Work under the instructional technology certification if you're in a lab. You need additional hours of professional development to get permanent certification.
If you switch your license, remember that you lose your seniority rights. Research and speak to your UFT representative to determine what's right for you.
The exam is required (CST 071). See the NYSED website for a sample exam.


NYSCATE_09.png Click on image for link to website

Johel Placendia - DIIT

Borough Technology Manager - Johel Placencia - jplacencia@schools.nyc.gov

Active Directory

  • Structure now being established that will allow schools to have a managed environment that can be maintained within the school.
  • Won't be able to access the active directory yet. Will keep you advised.

Wireless Upgrade - eRate

  • Joel's office will contact your school to perform an upgrade.
  • Internal upgrade will include new access points, new router and improve your wireless infrastructure.
  • Timeframe: This school year
  • Will allow upgrades, anti-virus protection and others
  • Cloud Computing: More to Follow - Working with Amazon.com - now in the rfp stage.

DIIT - PCS Services

DELL and ASI - Now vendors

Standard vs Basic Services

PCS Services vs DIIT

Switching from Basic to Standard Services

IEP Pro Software

  • no support exists for IEP Pro
  • A new program is being considered - SESIS (Special Education Student Information System)
  • Changes being made to make it 21st Century comparable.
  • Will keep advised.



October is Disposal Month for old/obsolete IT Equipment Beginning October 1st, if you are a BASIC PCS school, you will be able to dispose your old/obsolete IT equipment How do I dispose of old equipment at my school?

Regardless if your school is a Standard school or a Basic school, you can put in Disposal Request’s through the Helpdesk, at any time. However, if you’re a Basic school, there are only two times a year that pickups will occur. Basic schools pickups will take place during the month of October, and the month of April, and must meet the minimum requirement of 20 assets. Basic school’s will get one pick up during this timeframe. For Standard schools as long as you meet the minimum requirement of 20 assets, you can submit multiple requests throughout the year. Once the Disposal request has been logged and assigned by the Helpdesk, a representative from your service provider will contact you to capture all the pertinent information and schedule a time for the pickup.

Contact the NYCDOE Helpdesk at: (718) 935-5100, and they will assist you. You can also open up helpdesk tickets through the DIIT self support website at: http://servicecenter.nycenet.edu/selfsupport

We recommend that all disposal items be placed in one location, preferably away from classrooms where students may be working, prior to pick-up. Systems must be free of lock-down devices prior to pick-up. Assets that are eligible for pickups are listed below:

Basic Program

Standard Program
·Bi-Annual (October & April) disposal periods
·Minimum 20 disposable units
·Anytime pick-up of obsolete equipment
·Minimum of 20 disposable units

Disposable Units ELIGIBLE for Pick-Up

·Desktop computers (CPUs)
·Notebook computers
·Monitors (CRT and Flat-Panel)
·Printers (low-end & workgroup, monochrome & color)
·Loose hubs/routers/switches (boxed, 40 lbs. max.)
·Loose cables (boxed, 40 lbs. max.)
·Loose keyboards/mice/pointing devices (boxed, 40 lbs. max.)
·Loose notebook computer accessories (batteries, AC Adapters, disk or optical drives, etc.; boxed, 40 lbs. max.)
·Lockdown & security devices
·Textbooks, Library Books, Magazines, etc.
·Copy machines
·Fax machines
·Docking stations
·Televisions & VCRs
·Projectors (Overhead and Other)
·Laboratory, Medical, Biological, or Nuclear waste
·Chemical waste (other than toner cartridges)
·Other items not listed as “Disposable Units Eligible for Pick-Up”

Johel Placencia
Technology Manager
New York City Department of Education
Division of Instructional & Information Technology (DIIT)
Voice: 718-391-6855 | Fax: 718-391-6044
Click here to request technical support or to check status of a problem ticket

Dell Managed Services - Vic Laurinavicius, Sr. Program Manager - vic_laurinavicius@dell.com - (718) 935-5028 office

Professional Development Program - Emilie Reiser, emilie@vemny.org Contact: Laura Allen (917) 797-3763 or Jo Ann Aaronson (212) 721-3107
  • Dell provides professional development program (full day training) only to schools that use their services.
  • Held on your site if you have twelve teachers or on a central site if two schools want to combine training.
  • Will provide further information through the Principals' Weekly.
  • Cost: $1600/12 participants/full day training.
  • Sign-up today with Emilie

Offerings - See Handout
  1. Scratch: animation software
  2. Dreamweaver: Website design
  3. Photoshop: Graphic Design in the Classroom
  4. Google Sketch-Up - 3D Modeling and Design
  5. MovieMaker: Podcasting & Blogging
  6. Adobe Premier: Web 2.0: Video Podcasting and Web Design for the Classroom
  7. Robotics: Interdisciplinary Study of Robotics using LEGO Mindstorms NXT
  8. Robotics: Introduction for implementation in the classroom and afterschool programs.

Brain_Pop.png Contact: Peter Glovin, VP,District Relations - peterq@brainpop.com - 212-689-0023 X345

60 Day Free Trial - Available on FAMIS in 30 days.

Username: queensbptrial - available on 9/30/09
Password: brainpop

  • Database searchable by standards or content area
  • Need to have a subscription to access.
  • Cost for both Brain POP, Brain POP Jr. and the Spanish version is $1185/year. Unlimited users
  • Once you've searched by topic, you see a movie in the center and three activity pages. You can print out activities beforehand.
  • There is a quiz on the bottom that can be email back to the teacher. The quiz self-corrects until they get it correct.
  • Brain Pop has partnered with Nettrekker and you can move between them if you have a subscription to both.
  • Can use student response systems with Brain Pop quizzes.
  • Has seven curriculum areas: Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts & Music, Health, and Technology.
  • 500 of 700 movies are available in Spanish.
  • You can obtain a usage report which uses one username and password. You can track usage including which movies are most popular.

Brain_Pop_Jr.png Kindergarten to Third Grade

  • 150+ movies available
  • Interacts with both SmartBoards and Promethean Interactive Whiteboards
  • Breaks up a five minute movie into parts. Teacher is prompted to ask a question to the class and then continues.
  • Has activities, quizzes, word wall, writing, reference to other books and discussion topics.