Welcome to the March Technology Liaison Meeting - Internet Safety and Web Literacy

Brian Mull of November Learning - brianmull.wikispaces.com

Previous Sessions with Brian Mull


  • Technician Tutorials - Changing the Proxy Settings on PCs in Administration Buildings (Wayne Demacque)

    • PCs - Go to:
      • Tools
      • Internet Options
      • Connections
      • LAN Settings
      • Uncheck "Use Automatic Configuration"
      • Check proxy server
      • Enter http://adminproxy.nycboe.org
      • Use Port: 8002
      • Click "okay" and "okay" again.
  • Winnie Bracco - Office of Accountability and Assessment, Divison of Assessment and Achievement Resources

    • Review of Today's agenda
    • News and Updates
      • OIT Reorganization now part of the Division of Accountability and Achievement Resources
        • Same staff still here to support you.
      • DIIT: has finished working on the virus
      • FAMIS: Dealine for hardware is March 24, 2009
      • NYSCATE: free membership at www.nyscate.org
        • NYSCATE Metro Conference in Rye Brook - May 18 & 19, 2009
      • Tabula Digital Competition
        • Five Borough NYC competion
        • Winner to compete at NYSCATE conference for the NY State Tabula Digital Championship
      • Renzulli: 100% Grant participation in borough of Queens
        • RLS Training
        • PSP Training
      • Queens Data:
        • 75% of all Queens schools have received support from OIT
        • 85% of all Queens schools have received RESO A funding
      • Upcoming Professional Development
        • SmartBoards for Educators - 2 Day Institute - March 23 & 24, 2009
        • Promethean 2 Day Institute - March 17 & 18, 2009
        • ThinkQuest - 3/21/09
      • Next Tech Liaision Meetings - MAC Focus
        • April 6 or 7, 2009 - Techsperts will be attendance
        • iLife 09 with John Greenberg
      • Learning Technology Grant - TBA soon - www.NYSEd.gov
        • $50,000 grants to be renewed for three years
          • One application
          • Must be a SINI or SURR school
          • Must be paired with non-public school
          • Simple application
          • Support available here - contact Winnie Bracco for grant support
      • Locating Wireless SSID Site Information

Morning Session - Internet Safety

  • Digital Native: Does this mean that our students already understand everything there is to know about the Internet?
  • Would we really let our students run with scissors?
  • The Internet is here to stay and is not going to go away, so we need to educate our students.
  • FrontLine video - "Growing Up Online" - go to pbd.frontline.org for download
  • Comment on the file to www.chatzy.com - log on and register.
    • What are the major concerns of the film?
    • What opportunities do you see?
    • What items caught your attention?
      • The section where the mother emailed the other parents and her son said that "You've ruined by high school experience."
      • Many parents don't get involved in their children's lives. If the adults got involved, they would understand the Internet better and make it more relevant/safer to their children's lives.
    • What basic rules should exist?
      • Don't have the computer in the child's bedroom. Make it visible.
      • Watch what they do online.
      • Be involved.
  • Reflections and Community Discussion -
  • All the tools are empty containers. It's how the tools are used by our students that's important. It's all about CHOICES.
  • What questions do you have about cyber-safety, cyber-security for discussion later today?
    • Security issues when you purchase anything
    • Is the film available? pbs.frontline.com
    • Are there any resources that you can recommend that would help us educate our students?
    • Scams - Snopes.com - email scams and how to identify scams. Snopes allows you to check anything to see if it's true.
    • YouTube - saving good stuff so you can access it in class.
    • How do you use social networking for real education?

Afternoon Session - Web Literacy

Archiving the Internet - Using the Way Back Machine

Self Representation Frontline - Jessica - Autumn Edows - MySpacePage

  • Is what she did wrong?
  • Is this who she wants to be known as?
  • Interesting to look at the discussions

Being Open, Yet Ethical

  • It's okay to share
  • Copyright - get permission from the owner; have students use their own pictures; copyright your own stuff using Creative Commons. http://creativecommons.org - When you create anything, you go to the site, click on licensing, allow sale?, okay to modify your work? Jurisdiction: USA, select a license, choose a symbol, copy symbol or text and add to the bottom of your work. You have legal protection against copyright infringement.
  • Cheating

Cyber-Bullying About one third (32%) of all teenagers who use the Internet say they have been targets of a range of annoying and potentially menacing online activities, such as: receiving threatening messages.

Zamzar.com - file conversion site - takes a word file and converts to pdf, etc. You can take a YouTube video and convert it to a mov file, send it to your email, and take to class. Note that the conversion can take several hours to do. The link is only good for 48 hours so download as soon as possible.

"Digital Citizenship is the new web safety." - Ann Collier

The tools that most schools are blocking aren't the problem.
Dollars for Darfur and Dollars for Darfur on MySpace.

Teach Literacy

Students should be taught that they can't belie ve everything they see online:
McWhortle Enterprises
Tree Octopus

Four Steps to Validate a Website - R. E. A. L (Alan November)

R = Read the URL: web address

  • Have your heard of this organization before? Since it's a ".net", anyone can own it. So this is a suspicious site.
  • Look at the entire URL. Domain name (zapatopi) is the file cabinet itself; a / takes you to a folder within the cabinet.
  • Truncate the URL. Get rid of "treeoctopus" and press enter.

E = Examine the content. Look at things that raise yellow flags.

A = Ask about the author/owner. (Use a easywhoIs.com for information on the author. Put in the url name)

L =Look at the Links (Forward Links and Backward Links)

  • Forward Links - Links to another's website.
  • Backward Links - Go to google - advanced search - scroll down - go to "find pages that link to that page".

Develop a Plan

  • As a faculty, start meeting to cordinate efforts. Share stories, questions and concerns.
  • Bring in parents, business leaders and safety experts.
  • Develop a school/home/community Code of Ethics
  • Teach Students to Maintain Privacy: If you don't want the world to see it, DON"T POST IT.
  • Create good passwords - at least 6-8 characters, use Upper and Lower case, Mix numbers and letters, don't spell out words

Discuss and Engage

  • Posting material online blows away the "slam book" because of the viral effect.
  • Through the power of RSS, hundreds of viewers can see what is posted. This can also be a safety strategy.
  • Subscribe to yourself, so you know whenever someone writes about you, you know about it.
    • Go to google blog search - enter your name - subscribe to the page on the lower left bottom part of the page.