iLead Institute (Queens) - 2008 - 2009

Developing 21st Century Instructional Technology Skills to Enhance Leading and Learning

The following course contains materials developed by the OIT team members from South Brooklyn/Staten Island, the Bronx and Queens. We are grateful for their continuing support in working with our iLead principals to integrate technology through all New York City public schools.

Resources iLead Institute Blog

Orientation Institute Agenda

30 minutes: Introduction to Leading and Learning with 21st Century Tools:
Overview: Web 2.0 tools
-- What is Web 2.0 and how can it be the engine for a 21st century school?

80 minutes: Aggregators: Create our own RSS homepage to be a portal to news sites, blogs, and other syndicated material
-- Creating an account on a web-based RSS Aggregator: iGoogle
-- Moving content and deleting content
-- Adding content: from the catalogue, through the search, and by URL
-- Finding RSS feeds for blog sites

20 minutes: Break / Individual assistance

80 minutes: Blogs: Create our own weblog to communicate to our learning communities
-- Best Practices: Principal blogs, specialist blogs, teacher blogs
-- Understanding the importance of knowing your audience, posting with consistency, developing blog writing tone, and wrapping the blog in its purpose
-- Creating a blog account for ourselves on
-- Writing our first post: audience, tone, purpose
-- Types of blog entries: article spotlights, interviews, professional thoughts, opinions, investigative
-- Dealing with security: settings, comment moderation, permissions and levels
-- Things you should change: blog description, time zone, who can comment
-- Email assitance: enabling comment notification, enabling posting via email

30 minutes: Evaluation/Ongoing Support
Quick Links
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Best Practices
The following are RSS feeds from Online School Newsletters created by past participants of this workshop
The Soaring Seagulls of Ralph McKee High School
Inside CSI
BCS to Go
Public School 174

Additional Resources
Reference Quide to iGoogle, Blogger and Vokis.

Day One - Tablet Training


iLead Institute - Day1 - Tablet - 111408.doc

Day Two - iGoogle, Blogs, RSSs and Vokis


iLead Reference Guide.pdf

Directions / tutorials for what we learned in this workshop

Below are links to video tutorials for topics we learned in this workshop. These are narrated video directions that you can pause, rewind, and replay to help you remember how to work with RSS and blogs.

Moving and deleting content
Adding content by catalogue and search
Adding content by URL

Access your Blogger account
Making a new post
Dealing with security
Things you should change to make your blog work better
Adding Hyperlinks and Images


Definition: Web 2.0:
Web 2.0 Time Savers for educators:
Partnership for 21st Century Skills:
Online communities transform teacher development:


From the Principal:
Principal's Blog:
Puxi High School Principal Blog:
Pudong Elementary Principal Blog:
Region 4 Blogs:
Region 7 Blogs:
Will Richardson:
Learn Me Good:
Teacher Magazine: Best Blogs:

Day Three - INTEL Leadership Workshop - guess access code "forum"


Day Four - Data Management

Resources: - South Brooklyn/Staten Island - Robert Agoglia - Bronx - Jacquii Leveine

9AM - 10:45 AM

10:45 AM - Break

11AM - 12PM

  • Using the Logical "IF" Function to Analyze Data
  • Creating Comments

12 PM - Lunch

1PM - 2:45PM
  • Using Pivot Tables to Analyze Data
  • Using Charts from Pivot Tables to Analyze Data

2:45 PM - 3PM

  • Evaluation Survey


On-going Support