iPad Institute for Innovative Leaders

Office of Educational Technology
iPad Institute for Innovative Leaders

Advanced Preparation before the Workshop
o Make sure latest version of iTunes is installed (version 10.2.1).
o Make sure latest iPad software is installed an updated (version 4.2).
o Email an observation form to yourself.
o Set up an gmail account. Go towww.gmail.com to create an email account.

Download the following Apps:
o DropBox (Free) Go to http://www.dropbox.com
This requires several steps: a) Download software to syncing computer - go to http://www.dropbox.com to download on to your laptop/computer b) download the App onto your iPad.
Once you’re done with Dropbox (remember your user ID and password) go to http://dropdav.com and complete form with user ID and password.
o Dragon Dictation (Free)
o Google Mobile (Free - looks like a blue “g”)
o Forms ($1.99) (Green icon with Check)
Sample http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7813468/Evaluation%20Form%202010-11.docx
o Tips for iPad (free download)
iBooks (Free)
· Optional: Good Reader ($4.99)

Day One iPad Agenda

Morning Session
Four central goals of this session:
  1. Exploration & better understanding of how to move files to & from your iPad
  2. How to make your iPad more closely interact with your computer
  3. Using the iPad as a communication & planning hub
  4. Find apps that offer more value to the iPad as a productivity tool

Overview and Basics:
o Operating the iPad
o Gestures
o General Settings
o How was your iPad synced?
o How will you sync your iPad in the future?
o Setting up your iPad
o About iPad with Wifi and/or 3G
o Manual in Safari

Built in Features
o Native apps including iBooks
o Webpages on your desktop

iPad Academy
Apple: iPad Features
o MultiTasking iOS 4.2 bring multitasking to the iPad for the first time. In landscape mode, swiping left-to-right on the tray brings up the quick-access control panel.
o Make Folders
o Spotlight Search
o Find my iPad A must have app.
o Home Screen Make it your own
o Volume
o Safari Find in Page Typing in the search box in Safari now offers users the ability to search for text within the currently-open page, displaying a toolbar to allow for navigation.

Connect to laptop
o iTunes—What can it do?
o Finding support for problems
o Free App: Tips for iPad (download)

o Native apps including Notes
o And then some: iPad Tools for School Leaders

o Native apps including Mail, Contacts, Calendar,
o And then some: Dragon Dictation, Dragon search
o Printing
o AirPrinting
Print N Share

Afternoon Session

There’s An App for That

Afternoon Activity:
Create a walk through form in Google and then use the App FORMS to access the form from the iPad. Compilation of data will be done back in the spreadsheet in Google Docs. Although you can create Google forms on the iPad, it is a little easier on the computer.
o A Principal’s Use of Google Forms
o Using ready made form
o Google Mobile (looks like a blue “g”)
o $1.99 Instructions Taking a Google doc into Forms
o Optional: Good Reader
o Dragon Dictation

o Setting up an iTunes Account without a credit card

o Daily News The first news app designed for the iPad. It will cost 99 cents a week, or $39.99 a year. Each issue will include more than 100 pages of original news content.
o Skyfire Flash friendly browser for iPad – are we going to have the download the App?
o Expedition $.99 Projector friendly browser
o Other Projector Friendly Apps: Pricing included at link (From free to $2.99)
o Words with Friends HD Number one Game -are we going to have them download the App?
o Google Mobile
Google Apps for the iPad
Google Apps
Creating a Google Form for an observation
Setting up a form in Google Docs. Hands-on activity. Principals will create an observation form.

Cloud Computing
o Good ReaderQuick Overview
o DropBox.
o Google Docs
o Forms

Create a Interactive Whiteboard from Your iPad

Splashtop Remote for iPad
Doceri Remote
Popplet or Popplet Lite

VGA Projection for all iPads

TVOut Genie!