to the Office of Educational Technology (Queens)


September 2010 - June 2012

We are the Queens division of the New York City Department of Education's Office of Educational Technology. Our focus is to provide professional development to New York City teachers in Title IID grant schools to empower them to transform their teaching practice through technology and thereby prepare our students for the 21st Century.

Technology Innovation Manager

Winnie Bracco


Queens Team

Instructional Technology Specialists
Kelly Gallagher, **kgallagher4@schools.nyc.gov**
Richard Gross, RGross3@schools.nyc.gov
Frances Newsom-Lang, fnewsom-lang@schools.nyc.gov
Frances O'Neill, foneill@schools.nyc.gov
Ellen Phillips, EPhilli3@schools.nyc.gov
Kathleen Roberts, kroberts5@schools.nyc.gov
Robert Sweeney, rsweene@schools.nyc.gov
Michael Swirsky, mswirsky@schools.nyc.gov

Supervising Borough Instructional Technology Technician
Kin Fung Leung kleung@schools.nyc.gov

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