Tech Liaison Meeting - December 16, 2011

Innovations in Educational Technology




8:30 – 8:45
Welcome & Update
8:45 – 9:15
DIIT Update – Francisco Baez, Director of Field Services
9:15 – 10:15
CDW/Polyvision/Lexmark – Interactive Whiteboard and Printers
10:15 - 11:00
Lenovo – Products and Support
11:00 - 11:10
11:10 – 11:45
Apex – Online Learning 9-12 Credit Recovery and AP
11:45 - 12:45
Lunch on Your Own
12:45 - 1:15
School Technology Strategy Group & DIIT - K. Tsamasiros & N. Schepis
1:15 – 2:00
TeQuipment – SMARTboard Update
2:00 – 2:45
Apple – iPads in Education
2:45 – 3:00
Discussion and Survey


DDIT Update - Francisco Baez, Director of Field Services - - (718) 281-3268

  • Met yesterday with head of DOE/Instructional Technology
    • Wants to meet people in the field so he can design a better plan
    • Realizes the biggest problem in schools technologically is band width issues.
    • Frame Relay Issue: when your Internet access very slow within the school.
    • Hopes to upgrade every school within the next year
  • Another issue he discussed was Communication
    • Wants to understand who is involved in technology within every school. Will add tech liaison names to this list.
  • Hiring more technicians to service school issues: Function of Customer Service
  • Old Equipment Issue: If you have a wireless upgrade, and your new computers are running well, the old computers can bring the system down. An upgrade has to be across the board. New computers have to be purchased as well. "New" computers are ones that were purchased within the last 12 months. "Old" computers are more than 3 years old.

CDW - Polyvision/Lexmark – Interactive Whiteboard and Printers

Contact: Mindy Maher, Senior Account Manager (Lexmark) - (212) 880-2837 -

  • The attendance multifunction printer in most school offices has a button that allows schools to scan in Acuity and get results within 24 hours. Most schools don't know that this function exists.
  • More info to follow regarding bubble sheets.
  • Check your scanners. You may need a back-up scanner due to higher demand.
  • Tabloid printers are available but not on FAMIS. You can purchase as an exception.
  • Contact David for anything FAMIS related. - Dave Partridge (914) 471-2118 -

  • Inkjet printers are no longer supported by the DOE because they are too expensive. Laser printers are more cost-efficient.


Contact: Mark Russo (670) 315-2193

  • PolyVision: largest manufacturer of high performance writing surfaces in the world.
    • Outstanding durability
    • Superior visibility
    • Resistant to chemicals, fire, stains, bacterial and graffiti
    • Forever warranty
    • Easy installation
    • Environmentally certified

Meet eno - the next generation interactive whiteboard

  • Dry erase marker - The surface allows you to write on it with any marker. If you use a permanent marker, go over the print using a dry erase marker and then erase as usually. Will come off
  • Magnetic
  • Interactive - not touch enabled - uses a pen
  • No power/no problem
  • Can be used with software of other interactive whiteboards (SMARTBoard and Promethean) as long as you are in compliance with them.
  • The power is in the pen. Same technology as Livescribe. Dots embedded in the board. There is a digital camera that takes 72 frames per second and reads the dots.
  • Uses bluetooth technology
  • Won't need to be calibrated each time.
  • Cleaning - use water!
  • Comes in 78 inch and 91 inch board (4x6 or 4X8)
  • Installs with two hangers on a wall
  • Magnetic mounts are pre-installed and can be installs on steel marker/chalkboards in less than 5 minutes
  • Pens have a two year warranty and takes a triple AAA lithium battery. Anything problem with the pen and they will overnight a replacement to you as long as you contact them during normal business hours.
  • Pens - $149 each (check FAMIS)
  • Mini- slate: reads the dots in the board.
    • mobile
    • durable design
    • antimicrobial protection
    • convenient storage
    • lowest total cost of ownership
    • forever warranty on surface
  • eno Play
    • integrated sound system
Amy Grant - Educational Consultant - RM Easiteach software comes with the board
  • Professional development can be arranged
  • If you're interested in attending pd here, contact
  • FAMIS:
    • Eno classic - $1133 for the 78 inch board alone
    • board with standard short throw projector - $ 2200
    • board with ultra short projector $2450
    • with installation $3200



APEX Learning


Dropout Prevention and Recovery

Contact: Carol Richart, District Manager, APEX Learning


Differentiated Learning in a Blended Environment

Now being used in:

  • John Adams High School
  • Richmond Hill High School
  • Flushing High School
  • Queens Vocational High School
  • Queens Academy
  • Newtown High Schools

APEX teaches students how to learn, many times as a high school senior.


$110 per student enrollment (with Title IID volume discount) (Think "seat" - when one student finishes/drops out/whatever, another takes his/her place without additional charge.)

Getting Access

go to

Now - username: ctateacher password: pedagogy

Jan. 2012 - username: ctateacher password: character

Lunch on your own

School Technology Strategy Group & DIIT - Katherine Tsamasiros & N. Schepis


Katherine Tsamasiros, Ed.D | School Technology & Strategy Group - email: (718) 935-5113

Nick Schepis, Director, School Technology & Standards Group - email: (631) 772-9390

Division of Instructional and Information Technology | NYC Department of Education

335 Adams Street, Brooklyn NY 11201 | 718-935-5113 / 347-234-1129

Building a Shared NYCDOE School Survey


TeQuipment – SMARTboard Update

Contact: Alex Kane, Queens Sales Rep,

Professional Development initiative



Apple – iPads in Education



Connecting an iPad to an Interactive Whiteboard - VGA adapter - different cable which has a 30 pin dock connector on the end

Application: If you're in Notes - you can split the keyboard by taking two fingers and pulling the keyboard apart and you can type using your thumbs. Must have newest version of IOS 5 to do this. Once you're upgraded to IOS 5 is downloaded, you can downloaded all future versions wirelessly.

Multitasking Gestures
In IOS 5, use 4-5 fingers and you can bring up the multitasking bar on the bottom.
Pinching on the app closes it.
Interesting New Things
  • Algebra app: Algebra Touch (intro app is free - upgrade - $2.99)
  • The Elements by Theodore Gray: A Book as an app
  • iBooks
  • Settings - General - Accessibility - VoiceOver, Speak Selection (can read any part of a book you select at a speed you select)
  • iTunes Wi-Fi Sync
  • Assistive Touch - can create a new gesture
  • Zoom Feature
  • iCloud: Personal option - you can have documents in all the devices you've linked through the iCloud. Not designed for classroom use.

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