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Promethean Planet -
This is the best place to learn about your board and the software.

Promethean Two Day Institute

Participants will explore current learning theories (Gardner: Multiple Intelligences, Dunn & Dunn: Learning Preferences, Tomlinson: Differentiated Instruction). Particpants will design their own lessons in their content area/grade that incorporates these learning theories utilizing either the Promethean flipchart software to create multimedia lessons designed to reach all modalities of learning. For Promethean Users: It is recommended that you bring your laptop with ActivStudio 3.0 installed. If you do not have a laptop, one will be provided for you. Please bring a thumb drive so that you can save your work.

Day One - Agenda -
Day One - Handout -
Day One - Homework Assignment -
Day Two - Agenda -

Version 3 of ActivBoard is now out. Please see your Site Tech for the download of the upgrade. Directions for download:
- Have the Promethean Board user go to and register
- Once registered, go into the class
Level 1 - Foundation Skills Certificate.
- Go to to the ActivStudio Level 1 Foundation Course
- Once you get into the course area, you will find a download link on the left
- You will need to have the Promethean serial number

Want to Know the New Features in Version 3? Click Here

Promethean Lessons/Flipcharts available for download!
Resource Packs
: Great Resource Packs can help you bring vibrant images and graphics into your lessons, from Incan maps to diagrams of the human eye. The resource packs displayed are for Version 3 users of Activprimary or Activstudio because they require Activresource Manager. They are free for you to download if desired. If you do not yet have Version 3 of either program, now available for MAC and PC, be sure to upgrade today.
Here you will find downloadable Flipcharts and Web Resources that have been submitted by ACTIVboard Users.
Promethean Planet Join Today
Are you looking for already-prepared Promethean lessons? Have you checked out Promethean Planet? There are over 1,500 lessons ready to be used. These are FREE downloads, but you must register (free) at this site to be able to download or submit lessons. You must have the Promethean software loaded on your computer to download and manipulate these lessons. See your Site Tech for this installation. If you would like just to view or show them, you can download a free VIEWER. Click Here to download the free viewer.
Promethean Planet membership includes:

    • Interactive Flipchart Lessons
    • Lesson Resources
    • User Forums
    • Top Tips
    • Software Tutorials
    • Training and Support
    • Teacher Feature
    • User Guides and Manuals
    • Personalized content

Activboard Basics:

external image pdf.png activboard_basics.pdf

Introducing Activstudio:

external image pdf.png IntroActivstudio.pdf

external image pdf.png _Introducing_Activstudio_V3 6.pdf
external image pdf.png Activote_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf
external image pdf.png ACTIVslateXR_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf
external image pdf.png Promethean_Board_Troubleshooting_Guide.pdf

Activote Setup Flipchart:

external image empty.png Directions for Activotes.flp

How to Export ActiVote data to Excel file:

1. Click on the Activote/Graph icon (on the last page of your questions...Top Right)
2. Choose Overall Scores ... click Paste
Choose Summary ... click Paste (optional)
3. Close that box
4. Main Menu...Flipchart...Export...Activote Results...XLS (Excel)
If you minimize your flipchart, you will find the Save screen asking where you want to save this file.

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